Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Play

Can I play for free?
Ninjala is, fundamentally, a free-to-play game.
Do I need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play?
You can enjoy playing Ninjala online even if you do not have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.
Is there a single-player story mode? 
Ninjala Story Packs can be purchased as additional content from the Nintendo eShop.
Purchase and download these packs to enjoy Ninjala's Story Mode content.
I want to play Ninjala with my friends.
There are multiple ways to play Ninjala with your friends.
1. By inviting friends registered to your Nintendo Account via the Invitations feature at your base.
2. By inviting them to a Room Battle.
How do I take part in a Room Battle with nearby friends?
1. First, get together and connect to the internet.
2. Next, select Room Battle from the PvP menu.
3. When selecting your opponent, choose Neighbor Battle to see a list of nearby players. Choose the opponent with whom you wish to do battle.

Note that it is necessary for all players to be connected to the same access point or router.
Does Ninjala support voice chat?
A voice chat feature has been added to Ninjala as of Season 10.
You will need a headset supported by the Nintendo Switch™.
Check the news and online manual for details.
Please note that chat functions obtained via the Nintendo Switch Online App are not supported.
Can I play Ninjala offline?
The first time you play Ninjala, you will need to be connected to the Internet in order to create an account.

Once you have created your account, it will become possible to play certain game modes offline.
You can enjoy the following modes of Ninjala offline:
- Story Mode
- Training Mode
Can I play on a server outside of the country or region where I live?
By changing the regional settings of your Nintendo Account, you can play in other countries or regions outside of the one in which you currently live.
However, in the event that you are switching between Japan, North America, and Europe, your prior save data will be lost. Please be careful before switching regions.
For more details, please visit Nintendo's official website.
Can I change my language settings?
You may switch to other languages via the Option menu, under Miscellaneous - Language Settings.
How do I control my character?
Please refer to the Controls section of this manual.
Does the game support the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?
Yes, the pro controller is supported by Ninjala.
Is it impossible to play during maintenance?
During maintenance, you will be unable to play game modes requiring an internet connection. (You will also be unable to create a Ninjala account.)
Modes supporting offline play may still be enjoyed during maintenance.
I can't connect to the server, or keep getting disconnected.
If you are having connection issues, any number of factors could be the cause.
First, we encourage you to check the Q&A section on Nintendo's official website. Then, please check the News section on the Ninjala official site.
I am experience lag or slow connection speeds.
If you are suffering from slow connection speeds, any number of factors could be the cause.
First, we encourage you to check the Q&A section on Nintendo's official website. Next, please check the News section of the Ninjala homepage. An issue with the Ninjala servers may be affecting your connection.

Saving Your Progress

How do I save my game progress?
Ninjala has an auto-save feature. Your progress will be automatically saved as you play.
Where is my saved game data stored?
Your progress is stored both on your Nintendo Switch™ as well as on the Ninjala servers.
Your save data will be synchronized when you connect to the Internet.
Does Ninjala support cloud game data backup?
Ninjala does not support Nintendo Switch Online's Save Data Cloud Backup service.
What happens if I mistakenly delete my game data?
Your game data is stored on the Ninjala servers as well as on your Nintendo Switch™ itself. Even if you mistakenly delete your data from your Nintendo Switch™, it will be restored from the server next time you connect to the internet.
However, please note you will lose any progress made while you were offline, so be careful.

Should you delete the Ninjala game data from your Nintendo Switch™ or SD card, you can restore it at any time by re-downloading it from the Nintendo eShop.

Starting the Game

How do I make a new character?
Only one character can be created with a single Ninjala account.
However, you are free to change your character's appearance (including face, hairstyle, and skin color) at any time. You are free to alter your character's appearance entirely if you so desire.
Furthermore, you can save the character appearances you've created as favorites, allowing you to switch between them at any time. Save multiple favorites to create various characters with different appearances that you can choose among as you please.
How do I change my character's appearance?
From the base, access your closet and select Edit Avatar.
You'll be able to change your face, hairstyle, and skin color as you wish.
Do avatar items affect my attributes in battle?
Avatar items affect appearance only, and have no effect on your character's performance in battle.
Where can I obtain avatar items?
Avatar items can be acquired by any of the following methods:

- Purchasing them from the in-game shop
- Acquiring them from the gumball machine as special items
- Receiving them as rewards for progressing in Ninjala Pass tiers
How do I become stronger?
Becoming a powerful ninja requires practice, practice, and more practice. Hone your skills in Training Mode, then challenge your opponents to try out the techniques you've learned.
Try out various weapons, and use Shinobi Cards and Assist Codes in various combinations to see what works best for you in battle.
I saw another player using a Shinobi Card that I've never seen.
It is possible to acquire additional Shinobi Cards beyond your initial set.
Collect Ninja Medals to acquire new cards.
Furthermore, cards can be powered up by using Ninja Medals and Assist Codes.
Will notifications and announcements be delivered even when I'm offline?
Notifications and announcements will be delivered only when you are connected to the internet.
What happens when the expiration date for obtaining a gift passes?
Once the expiration date passes, any unclaimed gifts will disappear and become unobtainable. Please be sure to claim your gifts before they expire.


Where can I purchase Jala?
Access the Nintendo eShop via the in-game shop to purchase more Jala.
An error occurred when I tried to purchase Jala. What do I do?
If you are having difficulty purchasing Jala, please try the following:
- Close the Ninjala application once, then restart it.
- Wait some time, then reconnect to the internet.
If this fails to resolve your problem, please contact customer support.
Are players who purchase Jala more powerful?
There are no purchasable items that dramatically impact a player's capabilities in battle.
What happens to my Jala when I log in with another account?
Jala is tied directly to your Ninjala account. Therefore, it is not possible to use Jala tied to one account from a different account.

Ninjala Pass

How do I buy a Ninjala Pass?
Ninjala Passes may be purchased with Jala from the in-game shop.
Do I need a Ninjala Pass to play the game?
Even without purchasing a paid Ninjala Pass, you can still play the game using a free-of-charge Free Pass.
Furthermore, you can participate in battles without a Ninjala Pass.
Do I get to keep my rewards after the season ends?
With only a few exceptions, items you have earned will remain in your possession when the season ends.
Certain experience and friend boost items, as well as your Ninjala Pass privileges, will be reset and will disappear before the new season begins.
Can I no longer receive the rewards from the previous season?
Items that were obtainable during the previous season via the Ninjala Pass or Free Pass will become unobtainable in subsequent seasons.
However, they may reappear as items purchasable from the Shinobi Shop.

About the Shinobi Shop

What is the Shinobi Shop?
The Shinobi Shop is a subsection of the in-game shop from which you can purchase items.
Some items are only available for a limited time, so if you see something you like, get it before it's gone!
Where can I view the items I purchased?
You can check your avatar items, Ninja-Gum, stickers, and emotes in the Closet.
You can check your fishing rods, Bait Gum, and lures by going to Fishing Portal → Equipment.
Can items at the in-game shop only be purchased with Jala?
The method by which items can be purchased differs depending on the type of item and the shop in which it is sold.

・Jala may be purchased via the Nintendo eShop using a credit card or Nintendo eShop Card.
・Items in the Shinobi Shop may be purchased with Jala.
・Ninjala Passes and Tiers may be purchased with Jala from the Ninjala Pass Purchase screen.
・From the Gumball Machine, you can obtain Ninja-Gum, special items, and more. Some can be spun by using "Jala" or "Gold Medals", while others can be spun by using "Gumball Machine Coins" or "Silver Medals".
I missed an item at the shop. When will it be available again?
Items sold in the Shinobi Shop may become available for purchase again.
Be warned, however, that not all items will be restocked, so you are encouraged to check often.

Gumball Machine

What is the Gumball Machine?
"Gumball Machines" are Gacha from which you can obtain randomized items.
Some can be spun by using "Jala" or "Gold Medals", while others can be spun by using "Gumball Machine Coins" or "Silver Medals".
What items can I obtain from the Gumball Machine?
There are two types of items that can be obtained from the Gumball Machine:
- Ninja-Gum
- Special Items
What are the relative chances of obtaining items from the Gumball Machine?
You can confirm the chances of obtaining various items by selecting "View Probabilities" from the Gumball Machine screen.