Jala and Ninja Medals

Obtaining and Spending Jala

Jala can be purchased via the in-game shop, acquired as a reward through a Free Pass/Ninjala Pass, or by other methods.
Spend Jala to purchase items at the shop, Ninjala Passes, gum from gum machines, and more.

Jala Shop

Jala (Paid/Free)

Jala comes in two varieties: paid and free.
Only Jala purchased via the in-game shop is considered paid Jala.
All other Jala is considered free Jala.
If you have both paid and free Jala in your possession, paid Jala will be consumed first.
Jala cannot be carried over when between regions. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support for any issues that may occur when changing your region.
*In Japan only, paid Jala has an expiration date, and is valid for 150 days after the date of purchase.

Obtaining and Spending Jala

3 Types of Ninja Medals

You will receive Ninja Medals as rewards throughout the game.
Ninja Medals come in three varieties: bronze, silver, and gold.
The higher your ranking in online battles, the more valuable the medals you will receive.

Using Ninja Medals

Using Ninja Medals

Ninja Medals may be consumed to unlock Shinobi Cards.
You can also use them to enhance Assist Codes, renew Ninja Missions, do research at the Ninja Gum Lab, or at the Goddess's Fountain.
Gold medals and silver medals can also be used in the Gumball Machine.

3 Types of Ninja Medals

Shinobi Cards and Assist Codes

Ninjala Pass Missions

Gumball Machine

Ninja Gum Lab

The Goddess's Fountain

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