Play with Others

Quick Battle Royale

This mode allows you to jump into battle right away without fiddling with complex settings.
The battle rules are set to "Battle Royale".
The stage will be selected at random.

About Battle Royale

Quick Team Battle

This mode allows you to jump into battle right away without fiddling with complex settings.
The battle rules are set to "Team Battle".
The stage will be selected at random.

About Team Battles

Ninjala Battles

This is the standard mode for battling against other players via the internet.
In this mode, you compete against other players for achievements in battle.
Battle rules, matching methods, and stages can be customized as you like.

About Battle Royale

About Team Battles

About Free Matching

About Ranked Matching

Select Stage

Room Battles

This mode allows you to play with friends and acquaintances via the internet.
If you wish, you can also play with anyone currently online, even if you are not acquainted.
Ninja-Gum will not be consumed in room battles. Furthermore, players will not receive rewards.

Neighbor Battle

Spectator Mode

It is possible to watch Room Battles as a spectator if permitted by the host.
Only one spectator is allowed per battle.
While observing the battle, you can operate the camera and select from sky, stage (fixed point), and behind-the-player angles.
As well as selecting the camera from the menu, you can easily change your camera settings by holding the ZL button and then pressing the A button.

Neighbor Battle

Neighbor Battle

This setting allows you to filter for nearby players and battles.
It can be helpful in finding players and teams to arrange Room Battles.
This applies to players with the same IP address as you.

Room Battles

Spectator Mode


This mode allows you to fight a practice battle against a computer-controlled character.

Training Mode

Matching Lobby

Here, players who have been matched gather together, and can adjust their equipment before battle.
In Room Battles, you can adjust your teams, and the room host can change battle rules.
Players who are ready for battle will move to the Standby Dojo, where they can play around while waiting for others to finish their preparations. (*This does not apply to Training mode and when observing as a spectator.)
In the lobby room settings, you will be unable to adjust fixed assist code level and spectator permission settings.


Standby Dojo

Changing Gear Sets During Matching

Free Match

This rule allows players to enjoy battling without worrying about ranks.
This is where you go to battle against players of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels.

Ranked Match

Fight battles with this matching rule to increase your rank based upon your performance in battle.
This is a serious battle mode for those aiming to improve their rank and overall performance.


Standby Dojo

In this screen, players who are ready for battle can practice moving about while waiting for other players to finish preparing.
When the rules are set to Battle Royale, you can practice fighting against computer-controlled opponents.
When the rules are set to Team Battle, you can practice fighting against your teammates.
Furthermore, you cannot attack opponents in the circular area at the edge of the stage. Please use this space to communicate with your fellow ninja.

Battle HUD

Battle Royale

1 Ninja Sense
2 Your Life
3 Specials
4 Gum Shoots
5 Gum Ninjutsu
6 Time Limit
7 Points
8 Opponent Info (Name and Life)
9 Shinobuzz Sound
10 Controls Help

Team Battle

1 Teammate List
2 Points

Battle Menu

You can view information for all players in the current battle.

Battle BGM

The background music may change during battle.
When the soundtrack switches, the track title and the name of the player whose theme it is will be displayed.

Shinobuzz Sound System


It is possible to recruit party members from your base.
You can access your closet and other menus while recruiting is in progress.
Once you have enough members, you will proceed directly to battle.


Select Stage

You will have the chance to vote on which stage you'll compete on.
The stage will be chosen semi-randomly from among all that received votes. The more votes a stage received, the higher the likelihood it will be selected.
For Room Battles, the host can select their desired stage.
If you have no particular stage preference, select Random.



The countries that correspond to each region of Ninjala are as follows:

- Asia/Oceania: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand
- North America: United States, Canada, Mexico
- Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Republic of Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Republic of Romania , Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Republic of Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia

* Players residing in countries other than the above will be assigned to one of the existing regions, and will still be able to play the game.

Visual Lobby

Players can enjoy interacting with one another in the WNA Resort visual lobby. You can also head to battle directly from the visual lobby.

Visual lobbies can hold up to 30 players in the same room. You cannot choose which room to enter.
* You will not be matched with players who are on your Switch's "Blocked Users" list if it can be avoided.
You can move and communicate within the visual lobby, but you cannot battle.

Invite fellow players from your base to ensure everyone enters the same visual lobby.
In addition, you can also head to battle together from the visual lobby.
You can recruit party members from players in the visual lobby with you as well as enter team battles with those members.

You can also return to the same visual lobby you were originally in (if there is a space available) by selecting "Cancel" from the results screen at the end of the battle.

Things you can do in the visual lobby

Things you can't do in the visual lobby

Things you can do in the visual lobby

・Move, Gum Dash
・Use Emotes
・Enter the same visual lobby with members of a party formed in your base
・Recruit party members
・Go to battle
・Change your appearance and gear
・Purchase items at the Shop (excluding Jala)
・Check your Ninjala Pass Tier
・Check which players are in the same visual lobby as you via the Player List
・Check which parties are looking for members

Things you can't do in the visual lobby

・Battle other players
・Go to Training
・Purchase Jala
・Go to Story Mode
・Check Mail or News
・Check the Mobile Menu (with the exception of certain options)
・Invite a friend in their base to a party
・Invite a friend in another visual lobby to a party

The Goddess's Fountain

An activity located in the WNA Resort visual lobby.
You can get items by tossing in Bronze Medals and making a wish.
The lineup of items you can receive changes every week, and it even includes Ninja-Gum that you can only get from the Goddess's Fountain.
You can toss in medals up to 10 times a day. The number of tries resets every day.
Plus, you will get an EXP Bonus in your next battle after tossing in medals. This bonus applies to all players in the same WNA Resort.

Click here for details.

Sticker Board

An activity located in the WNA Resort visual lobby.
You can place stickers that you own onto it.
You won't lose any stickers you use, so have fun with it!
Stickers placed on the Sticker Board will reset every day.

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