Starting the Game

To begin, search for "Ninjala" on the Nintendo eShop and download the game. The game is free to download.
While connected to the internet, start the game and create an account.
After agreeing to the Terms of Service, you will be able to create your own ninja. After creating your character, you will be redirected to the Main Menu.

Character Creation

The World of Ninjala

The year is 20XX. The ninja, who once forged the history of Oedo, were scattered across the country during the Meiji Restoration. As these ninja mingled with the other clans, their bloodline thinned, and they gradually faded from sight. The descendants of these ninja clans, seeking to preserve their heritage, formed the WNA (World Ninja Association) in the hope of carrying on their legacy. And so it was that the WNA succeeded in developing Ninja-Gum, an art which could summon forth the strength of the Shinobi.

The Extreme Sports Tournament “Ninjala”

Ninjala, hosted by the WNA is an extreme sports event in which ninja battle each other by creating weapons formed from Ninja-Gum. Only the young children descendants of ninja are allowed to participate. Adult participation is forbidden. And only WNA members are allowed to participate.


Your rating is a value which symbolizes your relative strength in ranked matches.
Triumph in battle and your rating will increase. Fall, and your rating will decrease.
A higher player rating reflects a higher level of skill.
In some cases, there is a chance that your rating will automatically lowered in future seasons to preserve game balance.

Saving Your Progress

Ninjala has an auto-save feature. Auto-saving will be conducted at various times.
While connected to the internet, your progress will occasionally be saved to the server.
A shuriken mark will be displayed while saving is in progress. Please do not power off your device while the shuriken mark is displayed.

Spinning Shuriken

Character Creation

Choose your favorite look for your character. Please note that your appearance will not affect your strength or abilities in battle.
You may change your appearance from the closet at any time after starting the game.

Spinning Shuriken

A spinning shuriken will be displayed while saving or loading data.
Be sure not to power off your device while the shuriken icon is spinning.

Saving Your Progress

Push Notifications

Displays important information such as server maintenance notices.
Displayed on the Base, Battle Menu, Matching Lobby, and Battle History screens.


Currently undergoing maintenance.

Maintenance may be performed periodically to preserve server performance.
Online play is not possible while server maintenance is in progress.
Matching will become unavailable starting before server maintenance commences, so please be careful.


Additional Content

Purchase "Ninjala Story Mode: Chapter One" to gain access to Story Mode.
To play the purchased story pack, please relaunch the app after installation is complete.

Story Mode

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