Playing the Game


You can choose your button settings from a number of preset configurations.
From there, it is also possible to customize all buttons to your liking.



Ninjala seasons will change every two months or so, with each season bringing a new theme to the game world.
Avatar items and Ninjala passes matching the current seasonal theme will be made available to players.

Ninjala Seasons

Seasons and Rewards


There are two rulesets for battle: Battle Royale and Team Battle.
In both cases, the player or team who has earned the most points at battle's end will be declared the winner.
Score an IPPON to increase your score dramatically.

About Battle Royale

About Team Battles

What is an IPPON?

Levelling Up

Earn enough experience, and you will level up after battle.
As your level increases, you will be eligible to receive rewards commensurate with your level.

Player Level


Your rating will improve with each victory in a ranked match. When your rating reaches a certain level, you will be promoted to the next rank.
As your rank increases, you will be eligible to receive commensurate rewards at the end of the season.
Lose in ranked matches, and your rating will fall. This may result in demotion to a lower rank.
Furthermore, there is the possibility that players with the “Ninja God” and “Ninja Legend” ranks will be automatically lowered to another rank next season and beyond.


A Host of Rewards

By battling, you will be eligible to receive a variety of rewards.
These include avatar items to customize your appearance, along with Assist Codes to unlock new abilities and enhance existing ones.

Jala (Paid/Free)

3 Types of Ninja Medals

Home Base Screen

Access the closet to equip gum weapons and Shinobi Cards, or to customize your avatar.
Visit the shop to purchase avatar items and more.
Be sure to prepare yourself well at your base before going into battle.

Base Main Menu

Battle Screen

Your life is displayed at the bottom left of the screen.
In the upper right hand corner, you'll see your current score and ranking.
In the bottom center of the screen, you'll find a variety of information to help you in battle.

Battle HUD

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