Play Alone

Story Mode

Story Mode is a single-player mode that can be experienced offline. Add-on story content can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop.
Enjoy the story, and receive exclusive items for achieving set objectives along the way.


To complete an episode, you must fulfill that episode's final objective.
To reach the final objective, you must accomplish various smaller objectives along the way.

Space Ninja

Space Ninja are mysterious lifeforms that have descended from outer space.
Among them are powerful boss-type creatures.

Playing the Game

When an objective is presented to you, work to fulfill it.
Hints may be made available to you along the way.

Story Mode Rewards

As you progress in Story Mode, you will be eligible to receive rewards commensurate with your progress.
To receive rewards, connect to the internet and access the Mail and Presents screen.
Rewards will not be delivered directly to your closet.


Tale for Ninjala Beginners

You can learn the basic battle movements of Ninjala.
Start here if you're new to Ninjala.
You can also receive rewards by clearing certain tasks.

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