Closet 3D Model

In the closet, you can view your currently equipped gear.
From the Edit Avatar screen, you can try on different items by moving the cursor accordingly.
You can also zoom and rotate your avatar to get a complete view from all angles.


Weapon Types and Ninja-Gum

Gum weapons come in various types, such as katana blades, hammers, yo-yos, and more.
The appearance of gum weapons will change depending on the type of Ninja-Gum you equip.
Some varieties of Ninja-Gum are consumed when you battle online, while others can be used over and over. You can check your current inventory of Ninja-Gum from the Closet screen.
Furthermore, if you purchase a Ninjala Pass for a given season, you can use any type of Ninja-Gum without restriction for the duration of that season.


Displayed lists can be filtered and sorted using a number of conditions.
The sorting options available vary depending on the content of the list.
This is useful when you are looking to find a certain item quickly.

Changing Gear Sets During Matching

In addition to your closet, you can also change your currently equipped gear set from the matching lobby.

Matching Lobby


Your Avatar

Your avatar is the character who represents you in the world of Ninjala.
You can change your appearance and equipment at any time from your closet.
Customizing your outward appearance and equipping avatar items will not affect your performance in battle.

Base Main Menu

From here, you can proceed to the Battle, Shop, and Edit Avatar screens.
You can also view official announcements and notifications from the Ninjala team.
At your base, you can also review Ninjala Pass or Free Pass progress, as well as mission status.

Matching Lobby

About the Shop


Ninjala Seasons

Ninjala employs a season system. A single season will last for approximately two months, at which point it will end and a new season will begin.
Rankings, Ninjala Passes, and so forth will be reset with each new season.

Seasons and Rewards


Various announcements will be displayed to Ninjala players.

News: Previews of new seasons, etc.
Events: Gumball Machine and Specialty Shop announcements.
Campaigns: Information on various campaigns offering special prizes or rewards.
Maintenance: Announcements of scheduled maintenance sessions, server downtime, etc.
Important: Announcements regarding bugs and anti-fraud measures.


Here, you can view emails received from the Ninjala team.
Messages may contain announcements or presents from the team.
If an email has a present attached, you can claim it by selecting the appropriate option.

Base Main Menu


Banners appear in the Base and Shop menus.
They display announcements regarding events, maintenance, patch releases, and more.
Clicking on a banner will take you directly to the corresponding information page. Information on new items can be found in the Shop category, while Notices will contain information on maintenance and the like.

Base Main Menu

Push Notifications

Displays important information such as server maintenance notices.
Displayed on the Base, Battle Menu, Matching Lobby, and Battle History screens.


- Equipment
You can equip gear to be used in battle.

- Avatar
You can change your outward appearance and equip avatar items. Customizing your outward appearance and equipping avatar items will not affect your performance in battle.

- Battle Emotes
Change the animation that plays when you start a battle, and upon victory or defeat.

- Communication
You can customize emotes and stickers.

- Favorites
By registering sets of gear as favorites, you can switch between desired configurations with ease.


Change gum weapons, Shinobi Cards, and Gum Utsusemi settings.
Shinobi Cards allow you to unlock and substitute new powers, as well as to alter and enhance Assist Codes.
Changing your Gum Utsusemi technique will affect what you transform into.


Customize your appearance, equip avatar items, and change background music.
Avatar items come in various brands. Collect items of the same brand to make it easy to coordinate your look.
Your outward appearance and avatar items will not affect your abilities in battle, so you are free to customize your look without worrying about your performance suffering.

Battle Emotes

Change the animation that plays when you start a battle, and upon victory or defeat.
Certain emotes are limited to specific situations.


Set emotes and stickers to be used during battle.
Emotes and stickers can be used to communicate with your teammates, to show off to your opponents, and more.


It is possible to save and retrieve combinations that you have registered.
You can register your currently equipped gear as a set.
Retrieving can be used to easily switch to gear sets you have previously registered. Doing so will automatically unequip any currently equipped gear, so please be careful.
You can also load gear sets from the matching lobby. Register multiple gear sets so you'll be prepared for any battle!

Shinobi Cards and Assist Codes

Spend medals to receive Shinobi Cards.
Shinobi Cards allow you to assign Assist Codes.
Assist Codes can be enhanced using other Assist Codes and medals.

Shinobi Cards and Assist Codes

Shinobi Cards and Assist Codes Equipment Cost

From your closet, you can equip Shinobi Cards and Assist Codes.
You can combine equipment up to the displayed cost limit.

Shinobi Cards and Assist Codes

Mobile Menu

From the Player Info screen, you can view your attributes and other details.
Select Ninjala Code to enter special “Ninjala Codes” that you have obtained.
From here, you can also access the Options, Help, and Credits and Licenses screens.

Player Info

Ninjala Code



Credits and Licenses


Here, you can configure display settings, sound, language, button settings, and more.
TV Mode should be used when playing with your Nintendo Switch™ connected to a TV, while Handheld Mode should be used at all other times.
Miscellaneous settings cannot be changed in mid-battle.

Credits and Licenses

Find out about the team who created Ninjala.
View the licenses for tools used in the creation of Ninjala.

Player Info

View your playing, battling, and Jala purchase history.


You can check your battle statistics, the expiration date of paid Jala, and any experience bonuses in effect.
Please be aware that paid Jala has an expiration date.


Rank among the top ninja, and a special icon will be displayed.
There is a possibility that players with the “Ninja God” and “Ninja Legend” ranks will be automatically lowered to another rank after the season ends.

Ninja God
Ninja Legend
Super Ninja
Master Ninja
Elite Ninja
Vanguard Ninja
Adept Ninja

Player Level

Fight battles to gain experience points (EXP). Accumulate enough EXP, and you will level up.
When you reach certain level milestones, you'll be rewarded with a commemorative sticker.

Team Battle History

Review the results of Team Battle matches you have participated in.
You can browse by Free Matches and Ranked Matches.

Battle Royale History

Review the results of Battle Royale matches you have participated in.
You can browse by Free Matches and Ranked Matches.
You can review how many times you have achieved each ranking.

Current Jala

View how much Jala (both purchased and received) you have in your possession.
You can also confirm the expiration date of purchased Jala.


View Ninjala's Privacy Policy.and Terms of Service
From here, you can also access the inquiry menu, the online manual, frequently asked questions, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to Frequently Asked Questions

Terms of Service / Legal Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

In the online manual, you can find a list of answers to frequently asked questions.
This feature is only available online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inquiry Form

Questions for the operations team may be asked via the inquiry form.
This feature is only available online.

Terms of Service / Legal Notice

View Ninjala's Terms of Service, the Specified Commercial Transaction Law, and the various legal documents.
This feature is only available online.

Privacy Policy

View Ninjala's Privacy Policy.
This feature is only available online.

Online Manual

Browse the online manual for Ninjala from the official homepage.
This feature is only available online.

Ninja Lab

Check the ninja rankings to view the relative strength of your fellow ninja.

Ninja Rankings

Ninja Rankings

View Ranked Match ratings for the current season.
Rankings are aggregated by season.
Observe the gameplay skills of high-ranked ninja and learn from the best!

Note that rankings may fluctuate next season and beyond.


This feature allows you to enjoy a team battle with your friends with a minimum of preparation time.
From your base, you can invite up to three friends at a time to join your party.
Invited players will receive an invitation prompt that they must respond to within the allotted time limit.
When the party leader is ready, all members will automatically be transported to the matching lobby.

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