Ninja Sense

The presence of opponents will be indicated by the on-screen radar.
When far away, they will appear as weak flames. The flames will grow stronger as your opponent draws nearer.
The vertical positioning of an opponent may be determined by the color of their flame.
Opponents on the same level as you will appear in red. Those lower will appear in green, and those higher will appear in yellow.

About Lock-on

Press down on the R Stick to lock on to an opponent and keep them within your field of view.
Press down on the L Stick while locked on to target another opponent.
To release your lock-on, press down on the R Stick a second time.

About the Battle Menu

You can view information for all players in the current battle.
For more details, refer to the Battle Menu section under "Play with Others."

Battle Menu

The Flow of Battle

Defeat drones to build up S-Energy. When your gauge is full, it's time to take out your opponents.
Accumulate enough S-Energy, and you can craft a big weapon. Defeat your opponent with a big weapon, and you'll score extra points.
Find opponents and take the fight to them by trying to score an IPPON.
If you find yourself in trouble, use Gum Morphing or other techniques to hide or shake off your foes.

About Drones

About S-Energy

What is an IPPON?

About S-Energy

S-Energy (Shinobi Energy) is a special form of energy used to blow giant bubbles and perform special actions.
Your current S-Energy level is displayed at the bottom left of the screen, below your health meter. You will begin each match with 4 units of S-Energy.
Using certain actions (such as gum dashing or using S-Bursts) will consume S-Energy.
Defeating drones will increase your maximum capacity. Accumulate 8 or more units of S-Energy, and you'll be able to craft big weapons.
Depleted S-Energy will replenish itself over time, and you can collect the S-Energy scattered throughout the level to recover more quickly.

About Battle Royale

Do battle with 4 to 8 players.
The player with the highest score at the end of the match will be declared the winner.

About Team Battles

You can do battle in teams of four on four, three on three, or two on two.
The team with the higher score at the end of the match will be declared the winners.

About Free Matching

In free matches, victories and losses will not affect your rank.

Free Match

About Ranked Matching

Fight battles with ranked matching, and your rank will rise and fall depending on your battle performance.
Assist Code level will vary by player.

Ranked Match

What is a K.O.?

Reduce an opponent's life to 0, and you will K.O. them.
K.O. multiple opponents in succession, and you will receive a score bonus.

What is an IPPON?

Defeat an opponent from a parry state, from a Gum Bind, or using Gum Ninjutsu to score an IPPON.
Defeating an opponent with an IPPON will score you more points than defeating via a standard K.O.
You can choose the animation displayed when you score an IPPON from the list of IPPON decorations.


Attack Types

There are three types of standard attacks: normal, back, and wide.
The number of combo hits and variations will depend on your gum weapon.
In addition, there are attacks such as Break Attacks and Specials that vary depending on your gum weapon.

Weapon Types and Ninja-Gum

Ninja-Gum and Gum Weapons

Attack Priority

Priority between normal attacks, back attacks, and wide attacks is determined by a rock-paper-scissors system.
Normal attacks are effective against wide attacks, but ineffective against back attacks.
Back attacks are effective against normal attacks, but ineffective against wide attacks.
Wide attacks are effective against back attacks, but ineffective against normal attacks.

About Parries

A parry occurs when two identical attacks clash with each other.
From the parry state, you can choose to unleash a normal attack, back attack, or wide attack.
If you press the L Button while parrying, you can consume S-Energy to escape!

Using Specials

The type of Specials you can use vary depending on your gum weapon.
Specials have a cooldown time. After using a certain Special, you must wait a period of time before using it again.

Using Gum Ninjutsu

Fill your ninjutsu gauge to full capacity, and you can use Gum Ninjutsu.
Defeat an opponent using Gum Ninjutsu, and you will automatically score an IPPON.
Your ninjutsu gauge will increase when you perform attacks, as well as gradually over time.

Using Gum Shoot

While blowing a bubble with Ninja-Gum, press the ZR Button to release a Gum Shoot.
Gum Shoots come in various types, each with different functions.
Gum Shoots have a cooldown time. After using one, you must wait a period of time before using it again.

About Gum Bind

If a player suffers a certain amount of gum damage via Gum Shoots, etc., they will enter a Gum Bind state, rendering them unable to move or act.
Defeat an opponent in a Gum Bind state, and you will automatically score an IPPON.

Gum Dash

Blow a Ninja-Gum bubble and press B while in mid-air to execute a Gum Dash.
However, dashing consumes S-Energy, so there is a limit to how many times you can dash in succession.

About Gum Guard

Blowing a bubble with Ninja-Gum can allow you to defend against normal, back, and wide attacks.
However, if you are hit by a Break Attack, your gum will be broken and you will suffer a Gum Bind.

Break Attacks

Gum Break attacks can overcome opponents' Gum Guards and S-Bursts.
Successfully strike an opponent's Gum Guard with a Break Attack, and you will Gum Bind them.
Successfully strike an opponent's S-Burst with a Break Attack, and you will destroy their gum weapon.

Gum Morphing and Gum Utsusemi

Gum Morphing allows you to transform yourself into one of the objects that appear on the stage.
Gum Utsusemi allows you to transform yourself into a specific object.
With Gum Utsusemi, you can place one additional object identical to that which you have transformed into elsewhere on the stage.
Life recovery rate while morphed is increased.

About S-Bursts

When attacked, you can spend S-Energy to unleash an S-Burst and parry your opponent's move.
Using an S-Burst requires 5 or more units of S-Energy.
However, be careful: if you are hit with a Break Attack while in an S-Burst stance, your gum weapon will be broken.

Crafting Weapons

By blowing bubbles with your Ninja-Gum, you can craft various gum weapons.
If your S-Energy gauge is at level 8 or higher, you can craft big weapons (the largest size of gum weapons).

Big weapons are highly damaging, yield higher scores, and allow you to use their secondary ability.
Furthermore, big weapons will automatically defeat smaller weapons in a parry situation.

Take care, however, as gum weapons can be broken. If your gum weapon is broken, you will have to craft a new one, so be on your guard.

Breaking Gum Weapons

If you are hit with a Break Attack while in an S-Burst stance, your gum weapon will be broken.
Without a gum weapon, you will be extremely vulnerable, so be careful.

Break Attacks

About S-Bursts

Ninja-Gum and Gum Weapons

Ninja-Gum allows you to craft various gum weapons.
Gum weapons come in many forms.

[Katana Type]
A gum weapon featuring good mobility and rushing power. Unleash attacks easily, and power up when you defeat an opponent.
 - IPPON Katana
  Charging Slash / Gum Launcher / Ninja Tornado
 - Scroll Blade
  Charging Slash / Gum Kunai / Piercing Mixer
 - Shinobuzz Paper Fan
  Charging Slash / Gum Laser / Potent Poison

A gum weapon good for dispersing foes. Has the ninja-like ability to dig underground and emerge to surprise your foes.
 - Drill Beast
  Here and There / Gum Grenade / Punishing Blade
 - Corn Bat
  Here and There / Gum Launcher / Dragon Lord

A gum weapon that can create a box-shaped wall. Optimized for fighting from medium range. Its wide attack draws foes in, and can be used for pursuit attacks.
 - Scrap Saber
  Froggy Block / Gum Laser / Shinobi Disco
 - Chewing V
  Froggy Block / Gum Launcher / Piercing Mixer

[Hammer Type]
A gum weapon that's ridiculously powerful at full size. Particularly effective at countering with abilities and specials.
 - SK8 Hammer
  Power Buster / Gum Net / Tenchi Muyo
 - Sushi Axe
  Power Buster / Gum Grenade / Ninja Tornado
 - GR8 Gear
  Power Buster / Gum Launcher / Fujiyama Rocket

A gum weapon especially suited for close-range combat. Its pursuit attacks and area-of-effect specials make for powerful offense and defense.
 - Iron Noise
  Echoing Scream / Gum Kunai / Fujiyama Rocket
 - Drum Beat
  Echoing Scream / Gum Launcher / Dragon Lord

A gum weapon with a healing effect. The barrier created with its Special will heal your allies as well as yourself.
 - Pop Eye
  Full-Throttle Field / Gum Laser / Baiting Shark
 - Cerberus
  Full-Throttle Field / Gum Balloon / Fujiyama Rocket

[Yo-yo Type]
A gum weapon highly effective at attacking from a distance. Sneaky movements like warping are its specialty.
 - Ninja Yo-yo
  Yo-yo Leap / Gum Balloon / Piercing Mixer
 - Shinobi Spinner
  Yo-yo Leap / Gum Net / Ninja Tornado
 - ASAKUSA Wheel
  Yo-Yo Leap / Gum Searcher / Shinobi Beast

A gum weapon that can neutralize your opponent. After transforming your opponent, you can attack without retaliation for a period of time.
 - Mellow à la Mode
  Beyond the Gum / Gum Searcher / Tenchi Muyo
 - Trick Ball
  Beyond the Gum / Gum Balloon / Fujiyama Rocket

A gum weapon you can ride like a motorcycle. You can charge to attack and cause explosions by using Turbo and Attack with its Special.
  - Extreme Motor
  Bumpy Accelerator / Gum Shot / Worst Night-mare
  - DJ Scratch
  Bumpy Accelerator / Gum Grenade / Shinobi Disco

  Use the following controls when Bumpy Accelerator is activated.

  Bumpy Accelerator Controls
   Steering: Move Left Stick right and left
   Accelerate: Move Left Stick up
   Slow Down: Move Left Stick down
   Jump: B Button
   Turbo: Y Button
   Attack: ZR Button
   Dodge: L Button
   Drift: ZL Button

  Using Turbo will reduce the time you have left to perform the special, but it will increase your speed and attack power.
  Drifting not only allows you to turn corners at high speeds, but also activates a mini Turbo when you continue drifting for a certain amount of time.

[Board Type]
Forms a gum weapon you can ride like a skateboard. Pull off stylish tricks to make your kick attack stronger.
 - Matsuri Board
  Sweet Ride / Gum Net / Shinobi Beast
 - Camu Camu Plate
  Sweet Ride / Gum Ghost / Dragon Lord

A heavyweight weapon that's effective in aerial combat. Can fire waves that neutralize gum shoots.
 - Home Run Surfer
  Overpowering Wave / Gum Ghost / Potent Poison
 - Ninja Calibur
  Overpowering Wave / Gum Grenade / Punishing Blade

A gum weapon that is both quick and excels at close combat. Its versatility makes it great for scoring a variety of blows.
 ・Paw-xing Gloves
  Overflowing Power / Gum Boomerang / Blast Barrier
 ・Ogre Gloves
  Overflowing Power / Gum Ghost / Worst Night-mare

  ・The effects of the Accelerator Hopper ability will allow you to speed up into a sprint when you continue to move for a certain amount of time.
  ・Hold down the button to increase the power of your Wide Attacks.
  ・Combine with the L stick to perform 3 different Break Attacks.
   Move the L stick up (or keep it neutral) to activate a Break Attack that is easy to control,
   and move it left or right to activate a slower Break Attack that deals Gum Damage.
   Move the L stick down to activate a Break Attack that has a shorter reach,
   but guarantees an IPPON by activating an Izuna Drop-style throw after a successful Gum Break.

Shinobi Cards and Assist Codes

Equip Shinobi Cards to gain access to a wide variety of skills.
Shinobi Cards can also be enhanced with Assist Codes to further heighten their effects.
Assist Codes can be leveled up by spending Ninja Medals.

Sudden Burst

Activate an S-Burst one time, even if your S-Energy gauge is depleted. Resets each time you respawn.

Master of Change

Increases change gauge capacity, allowing for longer transformation time.

Ninja Sense Pro

Use your ninja sense to detect opponents behind you.

Shinobi Cards and Assist Codes

Shinobi Cards and Assist Codes Equipment Cost

About the Communication Menu

You can display the menu in-battle by pressing the Up Directional Button.
Select an emote or sticker by moving the R stick accordingly.
The L and R buttons can be used to toggle between communication menus.

Your Avatar

From your closet, you can try on different avatar items.
Saving your favorite outfits as sets will allow you to switch between them in the Lobby.
Customizing your outward appearance and equipping avatar items will not affect your performance in battle.


Gimmick Types

- Rails
 Ride them to their final destination. Push the left stick up to accelerate, and down to decelerate.

- Jump Pads
 Hop on one to jump high in the sky.

- Dash Tiles
 Hop on to dash at great speeds.

Shinobuzz Sound System

During battle, the theme song of the player currently in the lead will be played.
If you take the lead, your theme song will be played.
As well as setting BGM tracks from the Closet, you can create and edit BGM playlists using the Sound menu in the Mobile Menu.
You can also enable or disable this feature.



Training Mode

Training Mode allows you to fight practice battles against computer-controlled opponents.
This mode offers various settings that allow you to fine-tune the maximum capacity of your ninjutsu gauge and S-Energy, among other options.

About Drones

Drones are special enemy characters scattered throughout each stage.
Defeating them will increase the maximum capacity of your S-Energy gauge.
Certain powerful actions can only be performed with a high level of S-Energy, so try to increase your capacity as soon as possible.
Furthermore, you can confirm the location and duration of drone appearances from the on-screen display.

Types of Drones

Several types of drones appear depending on the chosen rule set. Each will have a different effect when destroyed.

Battle Royale
Red Drone (Small): Increase S-Energy capacity by 1.
Red Drone (Large): Increase S-Energy capacity by 2.

Team Battle
Green Drone (Small): Increase S-Energy capacity by 1. Nearby teammates will receive the same benefit.
Green Drone (Large): Increase S-Energy capacity by 2. All teammates will receive the same benefit.

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