About the Shop

At the shop, you may purchase Jala, or spend Jala to purchase items and Ninjala Passes.
Items come in daily and seasonal lineups.
You must be connected to the internet to use this feature.

Shop Main Menu

Jala Shop
You can access the Nintendo eShop to purchase Jala.

Specialty Shop
You can buy recommended items.

Gumball Machine
You can buy Ninja-Gum, special items, and more.

Ninjala Season Pass
You can also buy passes that give you access to rewards as you progress through the game.

Special Collections
View a ranked list of the most popular items and buy them.

Jala Shop

From the Jala Shop, you can access the Nintendo eShop to purchase Jala.

Item Sets

Bundled sets offering Jala and items in one quick-and-easy package are available.
You can access the Nintendo eShop via the Jala Shop to purchase these.
Upon returning to the game from the Nintendo eShop, you will receive your Jala and items.

Specialty Shop

Here, you can spend Jala to obtain costumes, accessories, and other avatar items.
There are two categories of avatar items: recommended and daily.
Please note that avatar items alter your appearance only, and do not affect your abilities or performance in battle.

Recommended and Daily Items

The selection of recommended items available changes from time to time.
The selection of daily items, meanwhile, changes every day.

Specialty Shop Lineups

Recommended items are available only for a limited time. There are times when items will not be restocked when the lineup changes.
Daily items are updated every 24 hours, and the lineup of items changes every day.

Gumball Machine

Some can be spun by using "Jala" or "Gold Medals", while others can be spun by using "Gumball Machine Coins" or "Silver Medals".
From the Gumball Machine, you can obtain Ninja-Gum, special items, and more.
If you've already obtained a special item, the Gumball Machine will dispense only Ninja-Gum.

Obtainable Items

About Special Items

Gumball Machine Coins

Buying Tiers

You can buy special items that allow you to advance through tiers.
These can be purchased with Jala from the Ninjala Pass screen.
Choose how many tiers you wish to advance, then make your purchase.
There is no penalty for advancing tiers through purchases as opposed to by accumulating tier points.

Tiers and Tier Points

Special Collections

A special shop where items made available in seasons to date are displayed in order of popularity, allowing you browse best-selling items.
And that’s not all—all the hot items displayed will also be available for purchase.
Please note, however, that some limited-edition items will not be stocked in the Special Collections shop, and therefore cannot be purchased.

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