How to Play Ninjala Fishing

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What is Ninjala Fishing?

Ninjala Fishing is an activity where you can enjoy fishing from the shores and ponds of the WNA Resort!
The controls and fish you can catch differ depending on the type of rod you use, giving you a realistic fishing experience!

Get fishing and aim to catch the big one!

Let's Start Ninjala Fishing!

Enter the WNA Resort from your Base and press the X button near the water to start Ninjala Fishing!

There are 3 ways to fish!

Simple Pole-and-Line Fishing

Equip a Pole-and-Line Rod!
You can aim for the fish in the nearby shallow waters!
Once you get a bite, the float will sink, so pull back on the L Stick at the proper time to reel in your fish!

Realistic Surf Fishing (Bait)

Equip some Bait Gum to your Surf Fishing Rod!
You can aim for fish that live at a depth of between 0.1m and 15m.
Set the line length and choose how far your bait will sink, then just wait until you get a bite!

Technical Surf Fishing (Lure)

Equip a Lure to your Surf Fishing Rod!
You can aim for fish living at any depth!
You'll need to reel in your Lure to get the fish to bite, so make sure to keep it moving!
Your Lure will keep sinking, so keep reeling it in to maintain the right depth!

Reel In Your Fish!


In both Surf Fishing (Lure) and Surf Fishing (Bait), you'll need to successfully set your hook to start reeling in your fish!
Keep reeling it in to get your fish, but be careful your line doesn't break!

The higher your Tension is, the easier it will be to reel in your fish!
Hold L Stick in the opposite direction of the fish to increase Tension.
But when you reach maximum Tension, your Line Durability will go down.
When you run out of Line Durability, the screen will turn red and your fish will get away!


You can adjust your line's Tension by using Drag.
Higher Drag increases Tension, while lower Drag decreases it!

Aim for an Excellent!

If you succeed in setting your hook when your Fishing Rod is bent the most, you'll get an Excellent!
It'll make it easier to catch heavy fish!

Plus, in Surf Fishing (Lure) and Surf Fishing (Bait), your line won't break as easily and it'll be easier to reel in fish!

Search for Fish!

Many different fish live in the WNA Resort.
Knowing the habitable depth and habitat of the fish you want to catch is important!
Check their habitable depth in the Aquapedia and their habitat in the Map!

Check the Aquapedia!

You can check the habitable depth for each kind of fish in the Aquapedia, so use it before choosing what depth to set your Bait at!
It has tons of other info like rarity, size, and whether the fish lives in salt or freshwater.

Check the Map!

The Fishing Map shows records of where everyone has caught fish.
Take a look to see where the rarest and heaviest fish are!

However, fish don't always stay in the same depth, so try fishing in many different ones!

Catch the Fish You Want!


The abilities on your Fishing Rod and Bait are important for catching the fish you want!
You can check your abilities in Fishing Portal → Gear → Abilities!
If you want to catch a large fish, use gear that have abilities that activate for "Large" fish!
For example, you can use the Dragon Rod (S) that lowers the stamina of large fish and Locust Bait which makes it easier to get large fish to bite!

*The list of fish shown under Abilities → Group for Fishing Rods and Bait indicates fish to which their conditions apply, not fish that are easier to catch with those Rods and Bait.

Fishing Rod Attributes

Stronger fish have higher rarities.
When reeling in strong fish, use a Rod that has attributes with more ★s!

You can check attributes by going to Fishing Portal → Gear → Attributes. Use the ZL and ZR Buttons to change pages!

Get Some Fishing Rods and Bait!

You can get Rods and Bait from the places below!
Where to Get Fishing Rods How to Obtain
Shinobi Shop Select the "Fishing Gear" tab in the Shinobi Shop
Fishing Missions Clear "Road to Surf Fishing Rod 3"
Where to Get Bait How to Obtain
Shinobi Shop Select the "Fishing Gear" tab in the Shinobi Shop
Fishing Missions Clear permanent, Aquapedia, weekly, or other missions
Goddess's Fountain Make a wish at the Goddess's Fountain in the WNA Resort
Ninjala Pass Acquire from Tier Rewards
Battles Acquire from Battle Rewards

Fishing Missions

Challenge various fishing missions!
Clear the objectives to get Bait, Jala, Research Points, and even badges!
Aim to clear all the missions!

Permanent Missions

These are missions for registering fish to your Aquapedia or catching a certain number of fish.
You'll mainly get Jala!

Weekly Missions

These are limited-time missions that refresh weekly.
You'll mainly get Bait and Research Points!

Event Missions

These are special missions that are available for a limited time.
*Event Missions are only shown during events.

Aquapedia Missions

These are missions for catching Royal-size fish or a certain number of fish.
You mainly get stickers and badges!

Check the entry for each kind of fish to learn about related Aquapedia Missions.

Fishing Tournament Events!

An official, monthly fishing tournament event organized by the WNA!
Catch the designated fish and compete in the rankings for the heaviest weight!
Aim for the top of the rankings to get amazing rewards!
Go to Fishing Portal → Events for event periods and other information about Fishing Tournaments!

*Event period and contents may be subject to change without notice.
We hope you continue to enjoy Ninjala!