The World of Ninjala

Stage (Background)

The year is 20XX.
Ninjala, an extreme ninja battle tournament organized by the WNA (World Ninja Association) in which the descendants of ancient ninja clans do battle, has captured the hearts of young people around the globe.
And yet, the true goal of the organizers of Ninjala is shrouded in mystery...

The World of Ninjala

The Extreme Sports Tournament “Ninjala”

Character Profiles

The world of Ninjala is inhabited by many colorful characters, including children who are descendants of an ancient clan, extraterrestrial lifeforms, and more.


A WNA researcher studying Ninja-Gum.


A WNA researcher studying Ninja-Gum.


A WNA researcher studying Ninja-Gum(?).


A boy who loves to play basketball.


A cheerful, smiling maniac.


A super hacker at the WNA.


A boy learning the art of swordfighting.


A precocious dancer.


An extraterrestrial lifeform.


Battles will be held on various stages, from city streets to massive research facilities.

Eagle City

A major city in the flourishing nation of Komerica.
Skyscrapers line the streets of this major metropolis.

WNA Academy

The official WNA ninja training grounds.
A place where aspiring young ninja hone their skills.

Shinobi City

A post town in the land of Oedo.
Legends say it is the ancestral home of the ninja.

Croissant Arena

A stadium in the Liberty Republic.
Renowned for its classic yet innovative design.

Fort Riverdale

A city in Great Kisten famous for its beautiful night scenery.
The massive gum factory is a major landmark that draws visitors from near and far.

Sphinx Valley

Historical ruins in the desert country of Coshapt.
Structures that were built thousands of years ago are still standing beautifully.

WNA Junkyard

This container ship is operated by the WNA for use as an offshore stage.
It makes it possible to hold Ninjala anywhere at sea.

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