Ninjala Season 13 is Here! [Version Update Announcement]

2023/04/27 (JST)
Apr. 27, 2023 (PDT)
27 Apr. 2023 (BST)
27 Apr. 2023 (AEST)
27. Apr. 2023 (CEST)
27 Abr. 2023 (CEST)
27 Avril 2023 (CEST)
27 Apr. 2023 (CEST)
2023/04/27 (HKT)
2023/04/27 (HKT)
2023/04/27 (KST)
2023/04/27 (JST)
Apr. 27, 2023 (PDT)
27 Apr. 2023 (BST)
27 Apr. 2023 (AEST)
27. Apr. 2023 (CEST)
27 Abr. 2023 (CEST)
27 Avril 2023 (CEST)
27 Apr. 2023 (CEST)
2023/04/27 (HKT)
2023/04/27 (HKT)
2023/04/27 (KST)

If the version displayed atop the Ninjala title screen reads "Ver.13.0", it means the update has been successfully installed.

Thank you for playing Ninjala.
This time, we have added new Gum Weapons, a new WNA Daily Login Bonus event where you can get rewards every day, and an expansion to the Ninja-Gum Lab.
In addition, we have added a new system called Bonus Events that makes it easy to keep track of the objectives for each event and implemented various UI adjustments to make Ninjala easier to play.

That's not all! The additional content Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter Four is also here!
The protagonist of Chapter Four is Lucy!
This Story Pack offers a slightly different kind of action than usual, where you can enjoy exploring ancient ruins full of dangerous traps!

Now let's take a look at the details!

The theme for Season 13 is modern dark fantasy!

Season Schedule
2023/04/27 17:00 (JST) ~ 2023/08/10 11:00 (JST) Apr. 27, 2023, 01:00 (PDT) - Aug. 09, 2023, 19:00 (PDT)
27 Apr. 2023, 09:00 (BST) - 10 Aug. 2023, 03:00 (BST)
27 Apr. 2023, 18:00 (AEST) - 10 Aug. 2023, 12:00 (AEST)
27. Apr. 2023, 10:00 (CEST) - 10. Aug. 2023, 04:00 (CEST) 27 Abr. 2023, 10:00 (CEST) - 10 Agosto 2023, 04:00 (CEST) 27 Avril 2023, 10:00 (CEST) - 10 Août 2023, 04:00 (CEST) 27 Apr. 2023, 10:00 (CEST) - 10 Ago. 2023, 04:00 (CEST) 2023/04/27 16:00 (HKT) ~ 2023/08/10 10:00 (HKT) 2023/04/27 16:00 (HKT) ~ 2023/08/10 10:00 (HKT) 2023/04/27 17:00 (KST) ~ 2023/08/10 11:00 (KST)


Announcing lots of cool avatar items combining fantasy and modern motifs, details about the Ninjala Pass, and more!!
Make sure to keep an eye out for the roadmaps for each event and season too!
Click here for more info about Season 13!

New Gum Weapons "Slash Kicks X" and "Crushpop" are now available!

Two new weapons, Slash Kicks X and Crushpop, have been added!
To read all about their parameters and actions, click here!

Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter Four now available!

Enjoy the story of Ninjala even when you're offline! Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter Four is now on sale!
There's even a special campaign to celebrate the release of Chapter Four!
Purchase Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter Four to receive 100 Research Points as a present!
Plus, the previously-released Ninjala Story Packs: Chapter One, Chapter Two, and Chapter Three are now available at a special discounted price!

*Click on the link below to view the periods for each campaign.

The new WNA Daily Login Bonus is here!

A new login bonus where you can get rewards by logging in every day!
Depending on how many days you log in, you'll have a chance to get various rewards such as Jala, Ninja Medals, Gumball Machine Coins, Bait Gum, Research Points, and more!

New fish and fishing rods are available in Ninjala Fishing!

New fish have been added to Ninjala Fishing!
For more information, check out the Fishing Portal's map and Aquapedia!
Plus, new fishing rods have been added to the Shinobi Shop!

New Research in the Ninja Gum Lab!

In addition to the existing parameter increasing effects, the "Extra Research" category has been added!
Extra Research is a new research category for the newly-added "Quick Draw" Gum Weapons.
Research Gum Weapons to get an edge in battle!

Implementation of the Bonus Events System

A new system has been added for keeping track of progress and reward information for events where you can earn rewards through battling and logging in.
Bonus Events can be accessed from Base → + Button → Bonus Events.

UI Improvements

-POP Notifications
When events such as collabs and tournaments are held, notifications will now be displayed above the Base Main Menu's Shop and Ninja Lab buttons.

-Shinobi Shop Daily Rankings
A Daily Ranking has been added to the Shinobi Shop's Top Page.
The 8 highest-selling items within the last 24 hours will be shown.

-Behavior when Exceeding Shinobi Card Cost Limits
Until now, when the cost limit of Shinobi Cards was exceeded due to balance adjustments, etc., all Shinobi Cards would be removed. This has been changed so that cards will be removed in order starting from the first slot in to prevent the limit from being exceeded.

-Adjustments to the Emote Sort Function
The sort options on the closet's Battle Emotes and Communication screen have been adjusted.
You can now sort by type, such as "Dances" or "Collab".

Gum Weapon Parameter Adjustments

The Ninjala development team is dedicated to ensuring that players can enjoy a wide variety of battling styles.
After careful observation of winning percentages by each gum weapon and weapon popularity, we have implemented a host of balance adjustments.
These mainly consist of adjustments for usability to the Ninja Yo-yo, Shinobi Spinner, and ASAKUSA Wheel, plus a weakening of some Alter Specials due to their currently overwhelming power.
In addition, we have implemented a number of adjustments to each type of Gum Shoot and Shinobi Card as well.

We hope these refinements will allow players to continue to enjoy diverse styles of play in Ninjala battles.
*Balance adjustments will also take effect in Story Mode.

Scrap Saber Chewing V

-The following adjustments have been made to "Ring Chop":
 Slowed the speed at which Super Armor is applied.
 Reduced the time opponents are immobilized after guarding.

The high speed at which Ring Chop's Super Armor is applied and its ability to strike back have been determined to be too powerful, so it has been weakened accordingly.
Also, the time opponents are immobilized when they guard was determined to be slightly too long, so the immobilization time was shortened to the length of time you are able to continuously attack.
With these adjustments, the opportunities for aggressive plays will be reduced, so timing will become even more important.

Iron Noise Drum Beat

-The attack power increase and S-Energy recovery effects of High Tempo Beat will continue for a certain period of time even if you go outside the effect area.

High Tempo Beat has effects that increase attack abilities, but it was difficult to use outside of countering because the range in which the effects could be received was limited.
From now on, you will be able to attack while benefiting from its effects for a short period of time.

Pop Eye Cerberus

-Extended the cooldown time of Dragon God Motor.

Its cooldown time was determined to be too short in comparison to its power, and so it was weakened accordingly.
In order to stay in Dragon God Motor from now on, it will be necessary to defeat opponents and reset the effect duration.

Ninja Yo-yo Shinobi Spinner ASAKUSA Wheel

-Immobilization on the player's side has been removed when the player’s Back Attack is guarded against by an opponent.
-The following adjustments have been made to "Yo-yo Leap":
 Increased the distance the yo-yo travels when unleashed.
 Increased the amount of damage done when pulling back the yo-yo with a Gum Break.
 Increased the hit detection range when pulling back the yo-yo with a Gum Break.

The Ninja Yo-yo Type are excellent weapons because of their range, but we decided to strengthen it because it has been struggling with the recent increase in projectile attacks.
In addition to extending the range of "Yo-yo Leap", the player will not reel back even if the Back Attack is blocked. For this reason, the ability to fight at mid-range between drones has been improved.
However, if the player's Back Attack is blocked at close range the player will be defenseless until the yo-yo extends out completely. This makes it easy to be counterattacked, so caution is key.

Mellow à la Mode Trick Ball

-Increased the hit detection range when pulling back the yo-yo with a Gum Break.

Gum Break return hits are risky because it takes time to retrieve the yo-yo, but offer a large payoff when they hit.
However, since it was difficult to connect outside of combos, we increased the hit detection range to make it easier to land.

Matsuri Board Camu Camu Plate Ninja Carpet

-Fixed an issue where the attack up multiplier for tricks during "Sonic Trick" would also be applied to weapon attacks in certain situations.

"Sonic Trick" is a Special that is effective against other players, but due to the above bug it could also destroy drones faster than intended.
Destroying drones quickly is one of the strengths of "Sweet Ride", so from now on you will need to choose a Special that suits your playstyle.

Home Run Surfer Ninja Calibur

-Reduced the number of hits for the surfing part of "Overpowering Wave" and made adjustments overall.

We reduced the number of hits for the surfing part to make it less susceptible to connection lag and also adjusted it so that it can inflict a large amount of damage in a burst.
From now on you will not be able to hit with the surfing part multiple times, but you will be able to defeat opponents faster.

Paw-xing Gloves Ogre Gloves

-Decreased damage dealt from wide attacks at charge Lv 3-4.
-Reduced the amount of movement for wide attack charge Lv 4.
-Reduced the damage for Lv 3-4 of wide attack charge when activating Overflowing Power.
-Reduced the movement amount for wide attack charge Lv 4 when activating Overflowing Power.

Despite being a highly mobile weapon, the speed at which it could destroy drones using the above attack was too fast, so it has been weakened accordingly.

Pow Wow Cannon Oedo Cannon

-Wide Break Attacks have received the following adjustments:
 Delayed the start timing for guard reception.
 Reduced the time that the guard stayed active.
 Downtime has been increased.
-The following adjustments have been made to "Thunder Cannon":
 Shortened the charging time for Lv 2.
 Cooldown time has been reduced.
-Adjusted the behavior of "Rapid Charge" so that it does not activate when S-Energy is at MAX.

Wide Break Attacks are a very powerful defensive tool because they can guard against all attacks other than ninjutsu.
Until now the guard stayed active for too long, making it relatively easy to neutralize the opponent's attack. Because of this, we made the timing required to activate the guard more severe.
In addition, guarding a Close Range Attack with a Wide Break Attack made it possible to get a large payoff when counterattacking. This point was also too powerful, so we decided to adjust it.
From now on, you will no longer be able to combo off of Wide Break Attacks, but you will be able to forcibly knock your opponent away with individual attacks and keep them at a distance.
The above adjustments will reduce the close-range combat power of Thunder Cannon while improving its long-range combat abilities, making it an important weapon for fighting at an advantageous distance.

Gum Searcher

-Now drains more S-Energy from your opponent.
-Projectile strength has been increased.

We decided to strengthen Gum Searcher, a Gum Shoot that specializes in disrupting the opponent's movement, because its effect was weaker than intended.
In addition, we have increased its projectile strength to make it stronger than other Gum Shoots that can be set. By setting it on the drone in advance, you will be able to more fully take advantage of its indirect disruptive abilities.

Giant Killer

-After activating, the effect will not activate until you respawn or after a certain amount of time has passed.

It was particularly powerful within Battle Royale rules and excelled at scoring points in the latter half of matches, so it has been weakened accordingly.
Since the chances of activating its effect will be reduced, the need to maintain the Medium Weapon state to counter this card will also decrease, and it will be necessary to effectively utilize other Shinobi Cards in order to constantly score IPPON.


-Increased the amount of life gained from Life Recovery.
-Increased the amount of S-Energy gained from S-Energy Replenish.
-Increased the amount of Ninjutsu Gauge gained from Ninjutsu Gauge+.

You'll now be able to continue fights like a true Berserker.

Adjustments to Ninjala Fishing

Pink Salmon was difficult to catch in certain locations, so we have adjusted some of its habitats.

Goddess's Fountain Adjustments

The items that can be obtained from the Goddess's Fountain have been adjusted.

Resolution of Known Issues

-Fixed an issue where, upon trying Ninjala Fishing for the first time, the message "You ran out of Bait. Buy more at the Shinobi Shop?" was displayed and fishing would not start in some situations.
Fixed an issue in Ninjala Fishing where fishing at specific positions allowed players to catch fish immediately after reeling it in.
Fixed an issue where, when activating "Shinobi Beast" immediately after blocking an attack with Gum Guard while the "ASAKUSA Wheel" yo-yo was installed in battle, the Beast Attack would change to a normal attack motion.
Fixed an issue where disconnecting by turning the console off at certain positions would cause Error Code "G-1-6000" to occur for players participating in the battle.
-Various adjustments and bug fixes have been implemented to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

*Updating to Ver 13.0 is mandatory for all players.
* To download the update, sufficient free space is required in your console’s internal storage or an installed microSD card.
* All information is accurate as of the time of posting.