How to Play Ninja Gum Lab

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What is the Ninja Gum Lab

A place where you can study the hidden power of Ninja Gum.
It is said that all ninjas who wish to be stronger go here.

Get useful in-battle effects by studying Ninja Gum!
Aim to be the strongest ninja by making progress in your research!

New Research for Season 14!

New "Advanced Research" has been added to the Ninja-Gum Lab!
Advanced Research requires more Research Points and medals than other kinds of research, but the bonuses you get will affect all gum weapons.

Research gum weapons to get an edge in battle!

New Research for Season 13!

For Season 13, the Ninja-Gum Lab will add the new "Extra Research" category to existing parameter increasing effects.
Extra Research is a new research category for the newly-added "Quick Draw" Gum Weapons.

Like other categories of research, "Alter Special" and "Ninja-Gum" have been added to Extra Research.
Research Gum Weapons to get an edge in battle!

New Research for Season 11!

Ninja-Gum with special designs only available from the Ninja-Gum Lab are here!
You can use these special Ninja-Gum as many times as you want!
Here's a few of them!

IPPON Gum (Lab) Iron Gum (Lab) Pow Wow Gum (Lab)

Where's the Ninja Gum Lab!?

You can access the Ninja Gum Lab by going to Base → Ninja Lab →Ninja Gum Lab!

What can you do at the Ninja Gum Lab?

By doing research at the Ninja Gum Lab, you can get all sorts of beneficial boosts in battle, from increasing your maximum Life to increasing the damage you deal.
You need Research Points and Ninja Medals for your research!

Increase your Research Level and fulfill other requirements to make progress in your research!
View research requirements by pressing the X button!

Unlock Alter Specials!

Alter Specials are special techniques that can change your gum weapon specials!
Alter Specials that you obtain can be set from Base → Closet → Equipment → Customize!

The research tree will be updated with more content in the future!
Keep an eye on the research tree and plan out how you want to use your Research Points.

Don't forget to check the Ninja Gum Lab!

Get those Research Points!

You can get Research Points in the following ways!

・From Ninjala Pass Tier Rewards (Free Pass included)
・From Ninjala Tournament Rewards
・From various Campaign and Event Rewards
・From purchasing Ninja Gum Research Support Packs
*Please check the web pages of the relevant events for details on Research Point rewards

*Conditions for earning Research Points are subject to change without notice

Ninja Gum Research Support Pack Sale

Jala Packs with bonus Research Points that can be purchased once per Season are on sale!

[Limited-Time 1x Only] Ninja-Gum Research Support Pack [Purple] $9.99 (tax included)
[Limited-Time 1x Only] Ninja-Gum Research Support Pack [Bronze] $24.99 (tax included)
[Limited-Time 1x Only] Ninja-Gum Research Support Pack [Silver] $39.99 (tax included)
[Limited-Time 1x Only] Ninja-Gum Research Support Pack [Gold] $99.99 (tax included)

*Purchasable once per Season.
*In-game Jala currency comes in Paid and Free varieties. Paid Jala will be consumed first.
*Paid Jala is valid for 150 days from the date of purchase. (Japan Nintendo eShop only)

We hope you continue to enjoy Ninjala!