System Settings

Gyroscope Controls

Gyroscope controls will track the tilting and movement of your controller and allow you to adjust your viewpoint.
Please note that this feature requires a controller with a gyroscope sensor.


Your controller will rumble in response to the action of the game.
This feature is only available when using a controller that supports the rumble feature.
HD Rumble is not supported.
Don't expect it to do anything for your stiff shoulders.

Reverting to Defaults

Select the Default Settings option to revert all settings on the current page (with some exceptions) to their default values.
Select the Reset All to Default option to revert all settings on all pages (with some exceptions) to their default values.


Use this setting to show yourself as offline to players trying to invite you.
This setting is useful when you prefer to be left alone.
If you want to receive invitations, be sure to turn this feature off.


Hide the UI during battle

The in-battle UI can be hidden.
This is useful for when you want to take a picture of the screen.

Voice Chat Settings

You can change your voice chat settings by going to Base → Mobile Menu → Options → Voice Chat.
Some settings can be adjusted in-battle from Options.

・Use voice chat: Voice chat can be enabled by checking this option
・Enable echo: You can check whether your voice chat is working by checking this option and speaking through your headset
 *This will automatically become unchecked when you leave the voice chat settings screen
・Voice chat volume: Adjusts the volume of voice chat.
・Mute self: Checking this option will make it so that you cannot be heard by others
・Chat with players who are not your friends: By checking this option, you will be able to use voice chat with party members who you have not added as friends

What is Voice Chat?

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