Information Desk

Before Submitting a Question

We have compiled a list of answers to Ninjala players' most frequently asked questions.
Please refer to the FAQ before submitting your question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Phone inquiries

Note that we cannot respond to inquiries that require identification of individual game data.
Please use the web-based form for any inquiries.

Phone inquiries

Inquiry Form

Please be aware that we are not able to answer questions regarding game strategy, specifications, and so forth.
Certain inquiries may require time to investigate, so please be patient.
Depending on the content of your inquiry, we may respond via an announcement on the official homepage.
*Support is available in English and Japanese only. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Inquiry Form

Reporting Violations

If you encounter a player engaged in cheating or suspicious activity, you can report them from the Battle Results screen.

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