Ninjala Season 2

End of Maintenance
2020/10/29 10:59 (JST)
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29 Oct. 2020, 01:59 (GMT)
29 Oct. 2020, 11:59 (AEST)
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29 Okt. 2020, 02:59 (CET)
29 Oct. 2020, 02:59 (CET)
29 Ott. 2020, 02:59 (CET)
2020/10/29 09:59 (HKT)
2020/10/29 09:59 (HKT)
2020/10/29 10:59 (KST)

The theme for Season 2 is sports! It will feature avatars representing all types of athletes, as well as those with Japanese-inspired outfits! Grab them via a Ninjala Pass or the in-game shop!

With your Ninjala Pass, you’ll earn limited-edition avatars and loads of Jala as you progress through the game! Use the Jala you earn to shop for even more exciting items!

Season 2 will introduce a new type of craftable gum weapon in the form of distinctive skateboards! Find your favorite, then head to the Gumball Machine and get Ninja-Gum to customize its look.

Ninjala offers even more ways to lend your own personal touch to battles!
Season 2 will also see the addition of a variety of new emotes, stickers, Gum Utsusemi disguises, and IPPON decorations!
Players will be able to express their individuality in all new ways! Combine emotes and stickers to create a ninja style that's all your own!

Season 2 will also introduce a brand new stage: Shinobi City! Try out the new stage inspired by Japanese culture right away!