[Update] Regarding Exiting of the Matching Lobby

2020/08/21 (JST)
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2020/10/29 (HKT)
2020/10/29 (HKT)
2020/10/29 (KST)

[Update] Regarding Exiting of the Matching Lobby

Thank you for playing Ninjala.

With the October 2 update (Ver. 2.1), we made it so that pressing the HOME Button while matching is in progress or while selecting a matching area will not result in disconnection.

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The above functionality change was implemented to address the issue of certain users inconveniencing other players by repeatedly exiting the matching lobby during attempted matching.

Unfortunately, we have confirmed that despite this update, repeated exiting of the matching lobby remains an issue. As a result, we have decided to implement the following functionality with the October 29 update (Ver. 3.0).

[Restriction of Auto-Matching]

We will be implementing a feature that places restrictions auto-matching.
If a user is determined to be exiting the Matching Lobby or Standby Dojo excessively, a restriction will be placed on them.
Users under the restriction will be unable to play the game using matching of any kind for a fixed period of time.
* Users will still be able to play the game in Training or Story Modes, which do not require matching.

In addition to this added functionality, we will continue to assess the situation so as to work toward a fundamental solution to this issue. In the meantime, if the Ninjala Operations Team identifies any problematic, unsportsmanlike, or unethical conduct, we reserve the right to take drastic measures, including suspending access to user game data.
We thank all players for your continued cooperation and understanding in this matter.

We hope that you continue to enjoy Ninjala.

Regarding Exiting the Matching Lobby

Thank you for playing Ninjala.

At the present time, we have confirmed a number of cases in which players repeatedly exit the Matching Lobby after entering. We have also received considerable user feedback regarding this behavior.

The Ninjala team is aware of some of the reasons behind this behavior, and is working toward fundamentally resolving the situation in a future update.

We promise to do everything in our power to address the underlying issue. At the same time, the act of intentionally and repeatedly exiting the matching lobby and cancelling matching is one that greatly inconveniences other players, and we therefore ask that players not engage in this behavior.

Furthermore, be aware that the Ninjala team is consistently monitoring player reports and logs. If any such actions are deemed to be malicious, we reserve the right to institute matching bans or suspend accounts in accordance with the Ninjala Terms of Service.

The Ninjala team will continue to do everything to ensure a fair and enjoyable game environment for all players. Should you encounter any issues or trouble within the game, please do not hesitate to submit feedback to us via the inquiry form.

We hope you will continue to enjoy Ninjala.