Season 12 [Update Release Notes]

2023/03/09 (JST)
Mar. 08, 2023 (PST)
09 Mar. 2023 (GMT)
09 Mar. 2023 (AEST)
09. März 2023 (CET)
09 Marzo 2023 (CET)
09 Mars 2023 (CET)
09 Mar. 2023 (CET)
2023/03/09 (HKT)
2023/03/09 (HKT)
2023/03/09 (KST)
2023/03/09 (JST)
Mar. 08, 2023 (PST)
09 Mar. 2023 (GMT)
09 Mar. 2023 (AEST)
09. März 2023 (CET)
09 Marzo 2023 (CET)
09 Mars 2023 (CET)
09 Mar. 2023 (CET)
2023/03/09 (HKT)
2023/03/09 (HKT)
2023/03/09 (KST)

Gum Weapon Parameter Adjustments

The Ninjala development team is dedicated to ensuring that players can enjoy a wide variety of battling styles.
After careful observation of winning percentages and popularity by gum weapon and Shinobi Cards, we have implemented a host of balance adjustments.

These adjustments focus on reducing the currently overwhelming power of Scrap Saber, Chewing V, Pow Wow Cannon, and Oedo Cannon, as well as strengthening some Alter Specials that felt underpowered.
In addition, we have implemented a number of adjustments to each type of Ninjutsu and Gum Shoot as well.

We hope these refinements will allow players to continue to enjoy diverse styles of play in Ninjala battles.

*Balance adjustments will also take effect in Story Mode.

IPPON Katana Scroll Blade Shinobuzz Paper Fan

・Razor Edge has received the following adjustments:
 If it strikes a Gum Laser that is being deployed, neither of them will disappear.
 Increased the time opponents are immobilized when guarding.

Until now, when Razor Edge collided with Gum Laser, it was difficult to use as an attack because they would both be cancelled out. For this reason, adjustments have been made.
In addition, since the opponent's immobilization when guarding has been increased, it should now be easier to continue attacking to break their guard.

Scrap Saber Chewing V

・Slowed Gum Boost speed at large size.
・Back attacks have received the following adjustments:
 Reduced time opponents are immobilized after guarding.
 Increased the time that you are immobilized when guarded against.

Compared to other Katana Type weapons, they had overall high power and could destroy drones very quickly, so their Gum Boost speed has been reduced for balance.
In addition, since the previous update made it easier to hit with back attacks, they have been made weaker in the situation where your opponent guards them.
Until now, you could recover from your attack and then continue attacking with Specials and Gum Shoots in a way that made it very difficult to evade. However, now you will need to respond to your opponent's actions.

Iron Noise Drum Beat

・Altered the reaction when Echoing Scream's weapon attacks are determined to have hit.

It was often difficult to continue attacking opponents behind you even if your attack successfully landed, so the reaction on hit has been changed to make it easier to follow up.

Extreme Motor DJ Scratch

・Slightly increased damage dealt from wide attacks.
・The following adjustments have been made to Fiery Raid:
 Hit reaction has been altered so that your opponent will stagger longer.
 Increased the time opponents are immobilized when guarding.

Even among the weapon types with excellent mobility, the damage from their wide attacks was low. As a result, they have been powered up.
You can now destroy DARUMA (M) Drones in Team Battle with 5 wide attacks when at medium size.
In addition, since Fiery Raid had low returns when used offensively, it has been powered up both on hit and when guarded against.

Matsuri Board Camu Camu Plate Ninja Carpet

・Increased damage dealt from the 2nd-4th stages of normal attacks and 2nd-4th stages of back attacks.
・Increased damage dealt from the 4th stage of wide attacks.
・The following adjustments have been made to Sonic Trick:
 Cooldown time has been reduced.
 Increased the projectile strength of shockwaves at normal size and the time an opponent is immobilized after guarding them.
 Increased the time opponents are immobilized when back shockwaves are guarded against.
 Increased the projectile strength of wide shockwaves and the time an opponent is immobilized after guarding them.

The overall damage from weapon attacks was low which made it difficult to defeat opponents with. As a result, they have been strengthened.
Sonic Trick is an excellent Special when used for mid-range attacks, however tricks have to be performed continuously in succession in order to build power. This resulted in the special not being very adaptable.
Therefore, we have strengthened it by shortening the cooldown to improve the skill's turnover rate, as well as strengthening aspects that are not reliant on the number of tricks.
It will now be stronger in a shoot-out directly after being activated and can be used more easily to break an opponent's guard.

Home Run Surfer Ninja Calibur

・The following adjustments have been made to Surfing Cannon:
 Cooldown time has been reduced.
 Increased the time opponents are immobilized when charge Lv 1-3 is guarded against.
 Added homing ability for charge Lv 1-3.

Surfing Cannon was excellent for suppressing a wide area, but it lacked in power against moving opponents, so it has been strengthened.
In addition to the turnover rate and the ease of landing a hit, the guard immobilization has also been adjusted, so now it will be even easier to attack from long range.

Pow Wow Cannon Oedo Cannon

・Slowed Gum Boost speed at large size.
・Shortened the range of Lv 2-3 normal attacks.
・Decreased damage dealt from Lv 2-3 normal attacks.
・Increased damage dealt from the 1st-2nd stages of back Break Attacks.

It had a high win rate particularly within Battle Royale rules and was one of the most powerful gum weapons during this season.
Not only was it able to attack unilaterally from long distance, but at large size, it was also capable of moving while attacking and so was deemed to be too powerful.
Since its Gum Boost speed at large size has been slowed, the strategy of moving at high speeds to dodge and attack at the same time has been weakened.
In exchange, using back Break Attacks to destroy drones and gain S-Energy has been made faster.

Super Fling

・Damage has been increased.
・Increased the amount of Ninjutsu Gauge required to activate.

It was lacking in its ability to finish off opponents compared to other Ninjutsu and has therefore been powered up.
The amount of Ninjutsu Gauge needed to activate it has been increased, but because damage has also been increased, one hit of this Ninjutsu should be enough to IPPON all opponents, except for Hammer Types with high Life.
Activate it, aim for the middle of a brawl, and blast away tons of your opponents!

Gum Kunai

・Shortened the cooldown time of large size.
・Increased the gum damage of large size.

Since Gum Kunai was a bit lacking in the ability to respond quickly, its cooldown has been shortened at large size, making it easier to activate.
On top of the bullets being thin and easily cancelled out, you couldn't Gum Bind unless you hit with all 4 shots at large size. As a result, it has been strengthened by now only requiring 3 hits to Gum Bind.
There should be more situations than before where you can easily Gum Bind an opponent.

Gum Ghost

・Extended homing time.
・Gum damage has been increased.
・Increased projectile speed for medium size and large size.
・Cooldown time has been extended for large size.

Gum Ghost had been adjusted to more easily restrict opponents, but because of its delayed effect and because it was difficult to defeat opponents that were right in front of you, it has been strengthened.
Medium size and large size have been adjusted to hit opponents more easily, and large size can now Gum Bind in one hit.
Since the effect of hitting with large size has greatly increased, cooldown has also been adjusted.

Gum Laser

・Will no longer collide and interfere with bullets of the same projectile strength.

When Gum Laser is medium size or larger it can fire many beams at once, and using it as a barrier was deemed too powerful.
Now, even if it collides with bullets of the same projectile strength, they will not disappear and will continue flying toward you.


・Cost has been reduced.

On top of the fact that using Berserker has disadvantages, the conditions under which it would be advantageous were difficult to fulfill, making this a very challenging card to use.
The cost was deemed too high with the card already being difficult to use, so its cost has been reduced to be less of a burden when combined with other cards.

* To download the update, sufficient free space is required in your console’s internal storage or an installed microSD card.
* All information is accurate as of the time of posting.