Ninjala Crow Tengu Bundle DLC Pack will be released Jul 21, 2020

Crow Tengu Attire

Ascetic garb and sandals with ornamental wings.
The wings and pompoms are popular with the younger crowd.

Crow Tengu Mask

A crow-like face mask.
Stare intently from the inside and give people goosebumps.
Facial accessories unavailable while wearing this item.

Gumchi Ninja

A sticker of an impressive-looking ninja.
There's no telling what sort of power this one has.


Perform the traditional karate kata known as “Yantsu.”
Every motion is full of energy and purpose.

2000 Jala

You can use Jala to purchase all sorts of item!

Ninjala: Crow Tengu Bundle DLC Pack

Release Date:Jul 21, 2020(PDT)
Price: $29.99