Conduct Prohibited During Gameplay

Ninjala allows players to enjoy battling with many others across the world.
Because your allies and opponents are real people and not simply computer-controlled characters, even if you say something intended as a joke or that you don't think could be problematic, it may still hurt someone or make them feel uncomfortable.
We ask that you avoid using harsh language or acting in ways that might be offensive to others, and we hope that you will act appropriately and considerately at all times.
Failing to abide by these rules may result in the suspension of your game data, so please make sure you read them carefully before you return to enjoying Ninjala.

Abusing, spreading information about, or inducing bugs is strictly prohibited.

"Bugs" (sometimes simply "issues") are when the game behaves unusually or unintended outcomes occur.
If you have discovered a bug, please do not take advantage of it or spread information about it to others. Instead, report it to the Ninjala Team immediately.
Intentionally inducing bugs is also strictly prohibited.
Compensation will not be given if we determine a bug has been induced intentionally. On the contrary, we may pursue legal action (such as contacting law enforcement) on the grounds that such acts disrupt our ability to provide our services.

Soliciting sensitive information is strictly prohibited.

When using voice chat or other forms of communication, soliciting and/or sharing sensitive information that should only be known by an individual or that could be used to identify them, as well as other forms of harassment related to such acts, is strictly prohibited.
We (GungHo) assume no responsibility for issues that arise from the sharing of information that should only be known by a given player.

RMT (real money trading) is strictly prohibited.

RMT is the act of exchanging real world currency or goods for game data.
RMT may be connected with scams or other forms of criminal activity, and therefore it is strictly prohibited.
We take this very seriously, and if we determine that game data has been involved in RMT, it will be suspended.
Further, we (GungHo) assume no responsibility for any damages caused by RMT.

Impersonating official persons is strictly prohibited.

Using a name, making remarks, or otherwise acting in a matter that may cause others to mistake you for a member of the Ninjala Team, a GungHo employee, or an affiliated person can lead to serious issues, thus these acts are strictly prohibited.

Spreading false information is strictly prohibited.

Spreading false information and provoking others or causing them distress are strictly prohibited.
Information you share on the internet will instantly spread and be seen by many people. Do not spread information that you cannot confirm is true.

Altering data or using unauthorized software is strictly prohibited.

Altering your game data or using software outside of the Ninjala game to cause unintended behavior and gain an advantage in-game is strictly prohibited.

Idling (ceasing to play) during battle is strictly prohibited.

Going unresponsive or repeating certain actions during battle is considered "idling" and is strictly prohibited.
As it negatively impacts battles, even unintentional idling is prohibited.

Disconnecting from the Matching Lobby or during battle is strictly prohibited.

Disconnecting from the Matching Lobby, the Standby Dojo, or while a battle is in progress is strictly prohibited.
As it negatively impacts battles, even unintentional disconnections are prohibited.

Encouraging or being complicit in prohibited acts is strictly prohibited.

Even if not directly performing a prohibited act, knowingly playing with a player suspected of engaging in unintended, prohibited conduct will be considered encouraging and/or being complicit in such behavior and is strictly prohibited.
Do not repeatedly and intentionally seek to play with players suspected of engaging in prohibited conduct for personal gain.
If you suspect that a player is engaging in prohibited conduct, please report them to the Ninjala Team.

Harassment is strictly prohibited.

Using the game or its systems to harass another person or otherwise make them feel uncomfortable is strictly prohibited.
What may be considered harassment is different for everyone.
Whenever interacting with others, such as when playing cooperatively online or offline, or when sending messages, please be mindful of the other person.

Other forms of inappropriate conduct are strictly prohibited.

Other forms of conduct not listed here that may cause trouble for others are strictly prohibited.

We cannot respond to inquiries about the penalization of specific acts.

We are unable to respond to individual questions about whether an act would be penalized or not even if provided specific examples.
Please refrain from engaging in any acts that you suspect may constitute a violation. We hope you will enjoy Ninjala fairly and honestly without resorting to unusual or unintended behavior.

We are continuously responding to and penalizing players who engage in these prohibited acts.

Penalties may even include the suspension of game data.
If your game data is suspended, you will be unable to continue playing on that account. Please be respectful and follow the rules as you play Ninjala.